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NeXus RV is a factory direct manufacturer of Class C Motorhomes and Class B+ Motorhomes.
As we manufacture your new motorhome you can enjoy the best buying process in the industry.
As many RVers buy their NeXus RV they trade in their Class A Motorhome or Diesel Pushers allowing NeXus RV
to offer great used Motorhomes for those customers looking to save thousands.
Buying factory direct will save you thousands of dollars on your new Class C Motorhome or Class B+ Motorhome and give you the best
buying experience possible. For the most common questions about buying Factory Direct from a manufacturer.

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Welcome to Nexus RV On-Line!
It has been proven that Factory Direct is the best way to buy an RV. We have saved thousands of dollars for our customers while enhancing the buying process giving each owner the personal attention they desire when making a large investment like an RV.


You will pay less for more because Nexus RV only uses top quality brand names in our Phantom Class C Motorhomes and Viper Class B+ motorhomes. In addition to the high quality components, we have designed the strongest construction foundation ever seen in the RV industry. This is most evident in the all steel cage framing of the side wall and the roof. This unique and exclusive approach has been measured to increase overall strength by up to 72% verse the lightweight brittle aluminum used by our competition. Safety is the primary concern for our customers.


Azdel substrate is used in place of any wood substrate in both the sidewalls and the roof, this upgrade eliminates the chance of mold and delaminating while increasing the R-factor. Many other upgrades are standard on the Nexus products. This approach to building the best RV in its class is a result of Dave Middleton (Co-founder) and me building and selling over 40,000 motorhomes over the last 17 years. We have taken everything we did right and brought it with us and we have changed everything we did wrong to be right. We have great floorplans and they are equipped with the right features so you can be sure you are not going to spend thousands of dollars after you buy from Nexus on aftermarket add ons.


Enjoy your shopping experience on the Nexus RV website; we have hundreds of videos, photos and articles assisting you with making the best buying decision. We know it can be confusing to decide, if you need some help feel free to call the owners at Nexus RV. We will answer all your questions and give you all the information necessary to understand the value of our great product. In addition, Nexus RV does take trades and we are excited to share with you the NADA GUIDE value of your used motorhome.


Nexus RV has many financing options available for you regardless of your location throughout the United States and Canada. Our interest rates are competitive and will help you budget your dream. We look forward to helping you enjoy your RVing experience.


Take a few moments and scroll down the page and read about the journey Nexus RV has traveled in order to sell you product FACTORY DIRECT……


Thank you for your consideration of Nexus RV,

  Claude Donati
President - Co-Founder
Nexus RV
Factory Direct Versus RV Dealer Networks


Recently, Mike Molino, RVDA President, wrote an editorial in the September/October issue of RV Business. This magazine is primarily an inside industry trade magazine that informs those that supply, manufacture and sell RVs of current affairs. I read with astonishment the candor in which Mr. Molino delivered the current philosophy of the Recreational Vehicle Dealer Association.


It appears the association is concerned with sales that occur outside a dealership’s given territory and with service centers that work on RVs that don’t sell that product. Interestingly, if the association had their way, customers would pay more for their RV’s because you would only be able to buy your RV from a local dealer. Consequently, they would pay more to have their motorhome serviced because the customer could only get their motorhome serviced by a stocking dealer that would charge more per hour for repairs in order to cover the large overhead associated with stocking large inventory. By restricting the options a customer has can only increase the cost of both the RV and servicing the motorhome after the sale.


At Nexus, we sell Class C Motorhomes and Class B+ Motorhomes directly to the retail customers and we have set up a network of servicing dealerships throughout the country that is more extensive than any other dealership in the industry. The fact is RVers travel throughout North America and relying on the local selling dealership to handle the service needs is nearly impossible. Many times the RVer is thousands of miles away from the selling dealer and must rely on mobile motorhome service centers and “non rolling stock motorhome service providers” to get them on the road. The current Manufacturer-Dealership business model has failed horrible with supplying customers with the service support they need. Removing all the politics and restrictions to making customers happy is the foundation that Nexus RV is working toward.


As for the selling of RVs directly to the retail customer, without the dealer network, will save customers money. The buying experience when buying from a factory direct cannot be matched by a dealership. The overwhelming advantages are easy to see. First, retail customers are looking for as much information on how their motorhomes is built. In fact, many retail customers want to understand each and every process and component that goes into the building of the motorhome. As a factory direct company, we know everything there is to know about our motorhomes and the reason behind each design. When visiting a dealership, the customer can only look at finished product and the dealership personnel have little information on each model because they represent many different companies and they have too much to remember. This lack of knowledge can cause many other problems down the road. Secondly, when buying factory direct, the retail customer has the ability to “menu customize” their RV. Picking fabrics, outlet locations, paint colors and important options makes the retail customer feel like they had some input on their motorhome. Contrarily, buying from a dealership, the retail customer is pushed hard into buying the “green one” on their lot because the dealership is trying to move the inventory as it has been on the lot for up to a year or more. Enticing customers to buy aged motorhomes with “rot lot” by lowering the price is a recipe for a dissatisfied customer. Buying factory direct, the retail customers gets to buy a motorhome with little miles on the odometer and that has been freshly built. The motorhome is truly new.


Finally, one of the most compelling reasons to buy factory direct is the value customers get when eliminating the “middle man.” At Nexus, we have measured the savings we have given our customers. After nearly a year in business, we have saved our customers an average of $7,100 dollars. Imagine, a better buying experience because of more information, better service because of a national service network, a better RV because it is newer and it is built to the customers specs and at a lower price. Do not let anyone tell you different, if you can get all those benefits to buying from a factory direct, you should do it!



Claude Donati
Nexus RV



Nexus RV Factory Direct Class C Motorhome and Class B+ Motorhome Sales
Where are we now?
At Nexus RV, we have completed our first full year in business and we have enjoyed great success and progress toward building the best Class C Motorhomes and Class B+ Motorhomes buying experience ever seen in the industry. Factory Direct works! Take advantage of it.


Our product at Nexus RV has immediately achieved recognition as one of the best products in its class. The Phantom Class C Motorhome was selected by the focus family for the HGTV RV 2012 show during shooting at the Hershey PA RV Show. Their selection was based on high quality components andconstruction and functional floor plan design as well as the huge savings verse the competition. The Viper was also chosen by the focus family for many of the unmatched upgrades offered in the unique design of the Nexus RV products.


In our first year we had over 2000 visitors to our beautiful 10 Acres facility in which we offer an “anytime” plant tour philosophy. If we are there, you are welcome to walk the production line and see your product being built. This intimate view of the construction of the RV has been a big benefit to customers as they are finalizing their decision on what product to buy. There is one thing for certain, once customers see our production line, they buy Nexus! Our staff has done a great job of maintaining the highest standard of cleanliness and quality. The quality being built by the seasoned staff at Nexus RV is impressive. We have delivered over 120 RVs and our product has received big compliments from our owners.


We have established a large service network throughout the US and Canada and look forward to offering the best service support verse any dealership and manufactures. We believe that the service relationship starts with a great orientation. We finalized the installation of 10 hookups on our campus to offer a comprehensive product orientation when you pick up your motorhome. For those that simply want to have the RV delivered to your driveway, we have finalized many product videos to answer any questions you may have.


We offer 8 models in two categories: Phantom Class C Motorhomes and Viper Class B+ Motorhomes. These models are the most popular models sold in the industry with the added twist of being built on the strongest and most thought out design. Specifically, the all steel cage construction giving you 72% stronger protection was a big part of why people chose our product, safety first! Also, our 5” truly seamless fiberglass roof made huge impressions on all those people that took a plant tour in 2011. Nexus RV has designed several other impressive product features that make the Phantom and the Viper the best in their class and worthy of the attention they have received in the first year in the market.


These are just some of the unique advantages when you buy factory direct from Nexus RV. You receive the best components with top-notch engineering on all our Class C Motorhomes and Class B+ Motorhomes. This is one of many Nexclusive features that makes the Phantom Class C Motorhome and the Viper Class B+ motorhome some of the finest RVs in the world.


Thank you for your interest in our products, we look forward to becoming the standard for the industry in quality and safety as well as design.



Claude Donati
Nexus RV



RV Vets Donati, Middleton Embrace
"Factory-Direct" Business Model
with Nexus RV Startup
Manufacture Class C Motorhomes
July/August 2011 by RV Business
Founding a new enterprise in the aftermah of an economic downturn can be quite a challenge. But Claude Donati and David Middleton, the two principals behind startup Nexus RV, Elkhart, Ind., feel that the waning recession actually has worked in their favor and helped them reach the conclusion that their fledgling motorized RV manufacturing company ought to adopt a factory-direct business model.


"When the market hit a downturn, there were literally 300-plus dealerships that went out of business," said Donati, who, with Middleton, formerly worked for Nappanee, Ind.-based Gulf Stream Coach Inc.


"Markets like Kokomo, Indiana, and Colorado Springs, Colorado, that previously had three or four motorhome dealerships suddenly had none, forcing the potential customers in those markets to go on the Internet to do their shopping and make their purchase hundreds of miles from where they lived," ...




NeXus RV is taking off

April 28, 2011 by South Bend Tribune


ELKHART -- It's no longer a dream or even a plan -- it's a reality.


Less than nine months after planning their own RV startup, Dave Middleton and Claude Donati have NeXus RV operating and have sold 62 motorhomes.


The company, which got off the ground in August at Notre Dame's Innovation Park, has been in its own facility at 3400 Reedy Drive, Elkhart, since October.


Production got under way Feb. 14, and already four recreational vehicles have been produced. The business is now producing about one RV per day.


"It really is exciting," said Middleton, co-founder and vice president.


"We were just talking the other day, myself and Claude, in regards to where we were at. And not even a year later we have our manufacturing up and running, our production line actually producing motorhome and have sold it and shipped it.


"We have come a long way in a short period of time."




Revolutionizing the concept of building selling motorhomes - NeXus RV
April 21, 2011 by The Roaming Times


4/21/2011 - ELKHART, Indiana – Visit the NeXus RV campus, one that includes 86,000 square feet of manufacturing space and a 25,000 square foot climate-controlled indoor showroom, during its introduction Open House June 20th – June 30th. Located in Elkhart, Indiana, the RV capital of the world, customers will save an additional $2,000 toward a purchase of a Class B+ Motorhome or traditional Class C Motorhome during these dates. All motorhomes are exclusively manufactured to driver specifications and built on the Pillar of Strength™ all steel cage construction.


NeXus RV was formed by lifelong friends Claude Donati and David Middleton, experts in the field, with the pioneering/revolutionizing concept of building and selling motor homes on the same campus. It is their intent to eliminate all areas of waste in the selling process and deliver the highest quality exclusively built motorized product direct to the retail customer, saving thousands of dollars in the process.


NeXus offers an online On Demand Video Studio and an exclusive Fly & Drive program.



Nexus RV: Direct to Your Driveway
March 2011 by South Bend On


It’s a good thing Claude Donati and Dave Middleton didn’t heed the conventional wisdom about the direction of the RV industry.


Had they looked at drooping motorhome sales figures, or listened to the doomsayers who proclaimed the industry all but deceased, they might not have established their startup, Nexus RV, at Innovation Park at Notre Dame. Tapping the intellectual resources available at Innovation Park, they developing a strategic game plan for a whole new RV enterprise rooted in the pioneering concept of building and selling class b+ motorhomes and class c motorhomes from the same facility.


The two lifelong friends were so confident their unique factory-direct business model would be a success, they thought it would practically sell itself.

Turns out they were right. ...



NeXus RV Rolls into Manufacturing, Sell-Direct
March 18, 2011 by RV Pro


In order to do that, NeXus RV offers its “On-Demand” video studio, where customers can connect with Donati, Middleton or other NeXus RV personnel via a live video presentation offered through Skype or Live Stream.


In the middle of the Great Recession, when the door for new opportunity was closing for many in the RV industry, Claude Donati and Dave Middleton saw potential in starting an RV manufacturing operation that sells directly to customers.


Born out of what Donati saw as an era for customer neglect, NeXus RV came to be in July 2010 after Donati and Middleton left their previous posts at Gulf Stream Coach.


“A couple of factors played into the decision (to start NeXus RV),” Donati said. “With the economic downturn, a lot of dealers disappeared and there were a lot of customers calling from hundreds of miles away with questions, and without a local dealer, other customers started buying on the Internet. I saw it as an opportunity to fill customers’ needs.”



Nexus RV to Debut New Class C Motorhomes and Class B+ Motorhomes Lines at March Rally
February 7, 2011 by RV Business


Startup Class C manufacturer Nexus RV LLC will debut its first lines—a traditional Phantom motorhome (Class C Motorhome) and a Class B+ Motorhome style Viper C-body—March 14-17 at the Family Motor Coach Association’s Southern Homecoming Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase in Perry, Ga.


“We are in the process of ramping up our production,” said Claude Donati, president of the Elkhart, Ind., startup. “February is our staging month and we hope to start bringing product off the end of the line on March 1,”


Donati said the first 50 motorhomes will be marketed to rental outlets as Scenic Traveler Class C Motorhomes. “Our goal the first year is $20 million in sales and in five years, if things go right, we will be at $100 million,” Donati said.


Our unit goal the first year is 240—one unit a day.”


Phantom and Viper motorhomes will be sold factory direct with a strong presence on Facebook and other Internet social media.


Nexus, currently with 17 employees, has 86,000 square feet of manufacturing space along with a 25,000-square-foot indoor showroom on 10 acres near the Indiana Toll Road on the north side of Elkhart. “We are set up to take trade-ins and we will be selling used product as well as new,” Donati said, adding that by the end of the year the company expect to have 35-40 employees.


Nexus has made service arrangements with 200 independent service centers throughout the country. “I’ve developed relationships with many of them during my many years of experience in the industry,” said Donati, formerly vice president of motorized at Gulf Stream Coach Inc. “The service centers don’t sell product; they just service RVs and Motorhomes.”


All Nexus Class C Motorhomes are built on 14,500-pound GVWR Ford E-450 Super Duty chassis with lightweight steel superstructures and AzdelTM Superlite composite sidewalls and roofs. The Phantom is available in five 23- to 32-foot floorplans with up to two slideouts and an MSRP of $85,300. The Class B+ Viper will feature a molded fiberglass cap and be offered in three 23- to 27-foot floorplans and up to three slideouts for an MSRP of $89,600.


Factory direct sales will allow Nexus to sell motorhomes for as much as $5,000 less than its competitors, Donati said. “The benefits for the customer are saving money,” Donati said, reporting that the average Nexus’ selling cost is expected to be between $65,000 and $70,000.


In addition to the Internet, Nexus RVs will be marketed at major RV shows and Donati plans to host clubs at its Elkhart facility that have been “orphaned” by manufacturers that have gone out of business, he said.



Nexus RVs to Use Factory Direct Biz Model
October 20, 2010 by RV Business


Claude Donati and Dave Middleton played Little League together, attended Penn High School together, and this summer co-founded an RV manufacturing company together.


The company, called Nexus RVs LLC, on Tuesday (Oct. 19) announced plans to invest more than $2.8 million to lease and equip the former Prodesign plant complex on Reedy Drive at Elkhart County Road 13 on the north side of Elkhart, Ind., for their motorhome production venture, the South Bend Tribune reported.



Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer to Establish Elkhart Operation
October 19, 2010


Nexus RVS, LLC a startup manufacturer of recreational vehicles, announced today that it will establish its production operations here, creating up to 90 new jobs by 2013.


The company, which manufactures Class B+ Motorhomes and Class C Motorhomes, will invest more than $2.8 million to lease and equip an existing 109,000 square-foot manufacturing facility adjacent to the Indiana Toll Road. “As confidence in the recreational vehicle industry re-emerges, Indiana is seeing increased opportunities from new and existing manufacturers alike," said Mitch Roob, Secretary of Commerce and chief executive officer of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. “This new business will provide welcomed jobs for workers in North Central Indiana."



Dave Middleton Joins Startup Nexus RV
September 14, 2010 by RV Business



Nexus RV LLC has named Dave Middleton as vice president of the new company. Nexus RV, currently based at Innovation Park on the campus of the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind., will manufacture Class C Motorhomes and Class B+ motorhomes, according to a news release.


“Dave brings 15 years of experience in the sales and marketing of some of the most unique products in the industry,” said Claude Donati, president. “Dave is one of the best pure sales people in the RV industry; his approach to sales is high energy and will be a major factor in our success.”



Donati getting back in the Motorhome Biz
July 30, 2010 by RV Business



Newly formed motorhome manufacturer Nexus RV announced it has temporarily located its corporate offices in Innovation Park at the University of Notre Dame in Northern Indiana. The company plans to produce class c motorhomes and class B+ motorhomes in Northern Indiana or Southern Michigan, according to a news release.


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