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24V: 25’ Super Slide


27V: 28’ 5.5" Double Slide


28V: 28' 5.5" Single Slide


29V: 30’6" Triple Slide


30V: 30’5" Double Slide



Interior Color Scheme

Dark Forest Wood Cabinetry (Upgrade)


Euro Recliner ipo Barrel Chair


2 Euro Recliner ipo Dinette






    Ford E350 12500 GVWR (24V)


    Ford E450 14500 GVWR (27V, 28V, 29V)


Fully Auto Leveling Jacks This option is for the fully automated “Big Foot” hydraulic jack system. The motorhome must be as close to level as possible in both the front-back and side-side axes for the proper function of many of the coach systems, especially the refrigerator. Without a leveling system, manual leveling must be done by driving the coach wheels onto leveling blocks. This can be time consuming as the correct number of blocks (and under which wheels they are needed) can only be determined by ‘trial and error.’ This task is worsened when done in the dark, the rain, or without a co-pilot to help add blocks and direct the driver. The Big Foot option is a truly automatic system. A remote control in the driver’s seat area initiates the process (which takes about 60 seconds) for the system to individually adjust hydraulic jacks positioned at each quadrant of the coach’s frame. The jacks provide the added benefit of stabilizing any rocking motions that may occur when people move about in the coach.

$ 3400

(Required) Power Drivers Seat

$ 499

(Required) RVIA Label - Motorized

$ 100

Canadian Package

$ 500

Steel Wheel Inserts / Valve Extenders This option makes tire maintenance markedly easier. Stainless steel mesh reinforced valve extenders are installed providing ready access to both tire valves of the rear dual tire setup. Makes pressure checks of the inner rear tires simple. The valve extender option requires the steel wheel inserts which are included in this option.

$ 399

Customization Options




Convection Oven (in place of microwave) A combination convection-microwave allows you to do any form of food preparation in it from baking cakes to roasts. This essentially removes the need for a separate oven.

$ 700

Oven A fully functional RV sized oven is installed beneath the range top. This installation is in place of a storage cabinet.

$ 195

Large 2-way Double Door Refer This option upgrades to a refrigerator with a larger cubic foot capacity.

$ 630


Heating and Cooling


Nexair Fan in Bedroom A Fantastic Fan for the Bedroom.

$ 420

Low Profile 15,000 IPO 13,500 in LR This upgrades the standard 13,500 BTU air conditioning unit to a larger capacity one, providing more cooling power for larger coaches.

$ 520

Nexair Fan in Living Room The front ceiling vent near the over-the-cab area can remain a passive vent with a hand crank or can be used for a Fantastic Fan that circulates the air in the entire coach within a few minutes. It has multiple speeds, a remote control and moisture sensor which closes it automatically when it rains. This fan is also useful for ridding the coach of cooking odors quickly, and reducing the need for using the a/c unit. A Fantastic Fan can also be placed in the bedroom area (if a second a/c unit is not opted for.)

$ 420

Outside Shower This is a handheld shower on the outside of the coach with hot & cold inputs.

$ 140



Fully Auto Satellite Direct TV This is for an antenna system compatible with HDTV satellite services.

$ 1800

TV Bedroom This provides for an additional wall mounted TV in the bedroom.

$ 495

DVD Player A DVD player mounted and installed with the TV.

$ 140

Navigation System This adds a complete Navigation system in the chassis dashboard with stereo radio and CD capability. When this option is chosen the backup camera function is displayed on the dashboard touch screen display (otherwise the backup camera system utilized the rear view mirror as a display screen.)

$ 499

Outside Ent. Center w/ TV A television on a multi-position bracket is placed in a basement storage area to allow use under the awning area.

$ 1195

1000 Watt Inverter The inverter will take stored energy from the 12 volt deep cycle coach batteries and convert it to 120 volt electricity. This essentially allows you to run 120 volt electrical items (those that plug into a typical wall outlet) in the coach when not hooked up to ‘shore’ power. For example, while traveling to your destination and a passenger wants to watch TV or use a laptop plugged into the wall an inverter is needed to supply the 120 volt service. This will slowly draw down the charge of the RV coach batteries if used excessively. Another option is to run the onboard RV generator to supply electricity to the coach.

$ 1,000

Touch Screen Stereo w/NAV/Bluetooth/Sirius .)

$ 899




Extra Coach Battery This provides for an increased capacity of the deep cycle coach batteries. Unlike a car battery this does not give greater power but rather a greater amount of use before the batteries run down. The ‘amp hours’ of the coach battery system is doubled.

$ 210

100 Watt Solar Panel 100 Watt Solar Panel.

$ 800

AGM Batteries (2) .

$ 900




Deluxe Full Body Paint The motorhome comes with Nexus decals at no charge. These are applied to unpainted fiberglass exterior walls. In time the ultraviolet rays from the sun will create a yellowing effect on the fiberglass surfaces. Some elements (doors, door handles, end caps) may yellow at differing rates. The full body paint will give a more permanent appearance to the coach and added protection as well. The deluxe option provides four separate paint colors to be applied. In this option instead of a surface decal, the elaborate Nexus graphic design is painted on. (In the ‘one-color’ option described below, the entire RV is painted in one color of your choosing and then the graphic decal is applied.)

$ 6,999

Roof Ladder Access to the roof to clear fallen debris or perform maintenance is made easier by an installed ladder.

$ 175

Sideview Cameras Cameras can provide views of the RV sides making clearance of obstacles easier.

$ 550

Rear Skirt Guard A protective shield is installed beneath the coach behind the rear wheels. This avoids stones and other debris from being thrown back onto any vehicle or boat towed behind the RV,

$ 495

Skirt Paint with Flair This option includes painting the entire lower skirt (basement storage) area. This makes it easier to maintain a clean appearance in an area that gets a lot of handling and road dirt.

$ 2,700

U-Shape Dinette in Place of Sofa (27V)

$ NC

1 Color Full Body Paint w/ Graphics The entire RV is painted in one color of your choosing and then the graphic decal is applied. (See the ‘Deluxe Paint’ option above for comparison.)

$ 5000

Heated Remote Mirrors A clear view of the side mirrors is important to safe RV driving. If cold weather use is expected, the option of heated side view mirrors (driver & passenger sides) will keep the mirrors free of frost and/or fog.

$ 499

Window Awnings (each) See the gallery photos for appearance of the awnings. Easily retractable, heavy duty manual awnings are installed over the windows you choose to block sunlight and keep the RV cooler. The price is per awning and no color choices are available.)

$ 275

MaXX Air Vent Covers (3) These protective hoods go over the roof vents and protect them from falling branches and other debris. Also allows for the opening and use of fans and/or vents in the rain.

$ 150

Water Filter System The entire water supply to the coach will pass through an installed filter system with user replaceable filtration cartridges.

$ 129

Tankless Water Heater A tankless water heater option.

$ 499

Glass Shower Door A glass shower in place of vinyl.

$ 300

Deluxe U-Shaped Dinette Special Pauls Seating U-Shaped Dinette Option.

$ 1,395

2 Euro Recliner ipo Dream Dinette .

$ 600

Solar Package Solar Package Includes: 2000 Watt Inverter, 2 AGM Batteries, 3 - 100 Watt Solar Panels, and Control Panel.


Custom Package .

$ 500



Total Cost: $

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